Last update: 01-02-2018

7 th Maghrebian Colloquium of Applied Geophysics

Applied Geophysics and Natural Resources.
Algiers, February 20-22, 2018

School of Social Security Ben Aknoun ALGER (ALGERIA)

Detailed Program of the 7th Maghreb Symposium on Applied Geophysics (CMGA7)


      In order to perpetuate the tradition of the Maghrebian Colloquium of Applied Geophysics (CMGA), the Center of Research in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Geophysics (CRAAG), is pleased to announce to the Maghrebian geophysics community, the organisation of the 7 th colloquium in Algiers,the 20th , 21st and 22nd February 2018.

      As usual, the CMGA7 will constitute a forum of exchange and discussion, gathering researchers, teachers and engineers involved in Applied Geophysics. Lively discussions between different participants are expected during the oral presentations and poster sessions, as well as around the exhibition stands.

      This 7th edition is dedicated to natural resources that constitute a key element in the economic and social development of the Maghrebian societies. Within this scope, Applied Geophysics may represent a development model to promote in the coming years where the involvement of our community and its contribution is of the utmost importance.

      For this purpose, the success of this colloquium is tightly linked to the active participation of all colleagues and interested participants.




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